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Helena at Taj MahalHelena India Travels - Tailor made trips unique for you - INDIA NEPAL BHUTAN;

It is a young Indian company but its story started long ago when the founder Helena June Margareta Lund from Sweden arrived in India in the mid 1980s. After her visit, Helena was drawn back to India, like a magnet, to its rich ancient heritage, culture and religion. She has spent most of her life exploring, living and working in India and Himalayas which gives the advantage of designing very genuine, unique and off beat trips for our travelers.
Our heart lies in India and the beloved Himalayas, both these regions have an abundance to offer and they enchant our travelers as they often wish to return again and again;

Rajasthan Known for its sun kissed desert and rich culture and tradition makes Rajasthan a fantastic tourist destination. It is the most colorful state in India, filled with amazing history, art and culture, the land of amazing legends of romance and heroism like in fairytales. It is a unique experience traveling in Rajasthan where everything is breathtakingly beautiful, fascinating and impressive, here hospitality is a tradition, which makes it a paradise for travelers. 

The Himalayas There are many myths and legends surrounding the Himalayas, one of them is Shangri-La "The Hidden Paradise" and we really believe it is true.  The Himalayas is an earthly replica of paradise, it is greatly revered by Himalayan people as the point of contact between heaven and earth.  The Himalayan culture and way of life is deeply rooted in the legends of the mighty mountains which are considered an abode of the GODS and the spiritual centre of the world. It is the backbone of the Indian, Bhutanese, Nepalese and Tibetan culture and religions.

Himalayas “The Roof Top of the World” enchants our travelers in every way as it present a diorama of rich and beautiful culture, religion and spiritualism, adventure, rich bio diversity, wildlife and an abundance of unequal scenic beauty known to man.

Helena India Travels - Tailor made trips unique for you is our brand name in the company 5 KZONGA SUNSHINE TRAVELS Pvt Ltd. We create tailor made trips in an authentic and amazing way, as we have years of experience living and working here, our deep knowledge and connections are our strength. We offer Tailor made trips of memorable nature! 


As a tribute to the Himalayas and with deep affection, our company name, 5 Kzonga Sunshine Travels Pvt Ltd, is named especially after Mt Khangchendzonga as the local calls. Its Angalised named is Kanchenjunga which soars to an altitute of 8.586 m and is the 3rd highest mountain in the World. This Great mountain is in border of India's Sikkim and Nepal. " Khang-chen-dzong-nga" means 5 Treasures of the Great Snow.

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Helena India Travels

Tailor made trips unique for you - INDIA NEPAL BHUTAN