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Tailor Made Trips

Tailor made trips INDIA NEPAL BHUTAN can be made in different travel themes:

1.    Heritage and Culture
2.    Festivals
3.    Wildlife and Safari
4.    Pilgrimage tours
5.    Homestay and Village Tours
6.    Trekking in the Himalayas
7.    Traditional Textile and Handicraft Tours

The travel themes can be combined : Perhaps you wish to trek in the Himalayas but also spend time exploring interesting heritage sites and combine two countries in one trip, Well “Everything is possible” as we say in India, depending on the time available and where you wish to travel, we will help you along the way to create your dream trip.

Amazing places: We always recommend our travelers stay in authentic places to receive a unique experience, these are all carefully selected, each with an ambience which reflects the local culture and heritage. What about staying in some of the beautiful mountain resorts in the lap of the Himalayas? Where you wake up in the morning and can catch a glimpse of the magnificent mountains, take beautiful nature walks which lead you to villages where you can experience real himalayan village life and see a very interesting and rich culture, and to take time to visit some of old monasteries belonging to Tibetan Buddhism and holy Hindu temples.

Trekking in Himalayas: There are many beautiful trekking routes of varying distance and difficulty, depending on your capabilities, how much time you have which areas you wish to explore. Our trekking activities are very nature friendly, we experience Himalayas with greatest care and respect, we do not leave one single piece of material evidence from our visit in the Himalayas only a footprint of happiness with local people we meet along the way, we believe Himalayas should stay as a Natural Paradise.

It is a wonderful experience to stay in the heritage Palaces in Rajasthan:  many of palaces are located in the countryside near villages where you can feel the ambience of India’s village life. A visit to India’s villages is a unique experience of a lifetime. Indian families a very hospitable and interestingly have a very diverse culture.  During festivals, the villagers celebrate with grand feasting and trading, enjoying traditional entertainment; camel and horse races, fakir art, folk music and folk dances along with the beloved puppet shows.  

Festival time offers wonderful colorful events and close encounters with people and the diverse culture of Rajasthan and the same counts for the Himalayas.


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Guides and Tour escorts

We have a very selective team of guides and tour escorts working with us, they all have immense local knowledge and lots of experience, and best of all, they love to bring India and the Himalayas into your heart.  We also work with families in many areas, farmers, yak herders, artisans and many more people who are directly involved in our work,  our team and friends are one of the very strong pillar of our company. 

Drivers and assistants
Our drivers and their assistants are very experienced. An enjoyable journey depends very much on comfort and safety while traveling, so we ensure a high standard in transportation.

Our head office is based in Rajasthan, INDIA

Our passion is to travel and explore, we love to make Tailor made trips and make your traveling experiences unique, being based in India and Himalayas gives us the opportunity to visit new authentic places for our travelers to explore. We have a 24hr office in Rajasthan and small proffessional company partners around India, Nepal and Bhutan. We are here to support you, from the planning of your trip and we will be there till the completion of your tour.